Networked Media Open Specifications

JT-NM TR-1001

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The Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) first defined Technical Recommendation 1001-1 (or TR-1001-1) in 2018, with an aim of identifying a set of key components which should be implemented by any ‘Media Node’. The document also identifies a number of key features of systems which these Media Nodes may be deployed into.

This testing tool can be used to test a number of the requirements which this document sets out, as follows.

Media Nodes

Media Nodes are required to implement AMWA NMOS IS-04, IS-05 and IS-09 (defined as an appendix in TR-1001-1). These aspects can be tested using the following test suites in this tool.


Registries are required to implement AMWA NMOS IS-04. This can be tested using the following test suite in this tool.

System Resource

System Resources are required to implement AMWA NMOS IS-09. This can be tested using the following test suite in this tool.

JT-NM Tested Additions

The JT-NM Tested events provide a formal testing environment for networked media implementations. Whilst these events are primarily based around testing SMPTE ST.2110 and JT-NM TR-1001-1, the Media Node testing was extended to include testing of AMWA NMOS IS-08 where implemented. In order to test a Media Node for this capability, in addition to those tests already run above, the following test suites must also be run.

Note that when following the JT-NM Tested test plans, some sub-tests in test suites are omitted as they test deprecated items, or items which are irrelevant to TR-1001. The latest test plans should be studied to identify these tests.

Untested Items

This testing tool is not able to exhaustively test the contents of JT-NM TR-1001, either due to aspects being outside of its scope, or due to challenges in implementing the tests. Notable omissions from testing which we would recommend testing via manual means are indicated below:

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