Networked Media Open Specifications

Testing Unicast Discovery

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In order to test unicast discovery, the testing tool launches its own mock DNS server which your Node will need to be pointing at in order to correctly discover the mock registries. The following steps should be completed to operate in this mode:

Unicast DNS advertisements for registries only become available once tests are running. As a result the unit under test may need prompting to re-scan the DNS server for records at this point. The DNS_SD_ADVERT_TIMEOUT config parameter may be used to increase the period which the test suite waits for in this situation.

If your network requires the use of the proxy server, you may find it necessary to disable this configuration on the host running the testing tool and on the unit under test when using unicast DNS. This is because any requests to fully qualified hostnames are likely to be directed to your proxy server, which will be unable to resolve them.

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