Networked Media Open Specifications

Testing tool for the AMWA NMOS Specifications


This tool creates a simple web service which tests implementations of the NMOS APIs.

Selecting a test to run Examining the results
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The following test suites are currently supported.

Test Suite ID Suite Node Registry Controller Other/Notes
IS-04-01 IS-04 Node API X      
IS-04-02 IS-04 Registry APIs   X    
IS-04-03 IS-04 Node API (Peer to Peer) X      
IS-04-04 IS-04 Controller     X See Testing Controllers
IS-05-01 IS-05 Connection Management API X      
IS-05-02 IS-05 Interaction with IS-04 X      
IS-05-03 IS-05 Controller     X See Testing Controllers
IS-06-01 IS-06 Network Control API       Network Controller
IS-07-01 IS-07 Event & Tally API X      
IS-07-02 IS-07 Interaction with IS-04 and IS-05 X      
IS-08-01 IS-08 Channel Mapping API X      
IS-08-02 IS-08 Interaction with IS-04 X      
IS-09-01 IS-09 System API   (X)   System Parameters Server
IS-09-02 IS-09 System API Discovery X      
IS-10-01 IS-10 Authorization API       Authorization Server
- BCP-002-01 Natural Grouping X     Included in IS-04 Node API suite
- BCP-002-02 Asset Distinguishing Information X     Included in IS-04 Node API suite
BCP-003-01 BCP-003-01 Secure Communication X X   See Testing TLS
- BCP-003-02 Authorization X X   See Testing Authorization
- BCP-004-01 Receiver Capabilities X     Included in IS-04 Node API and IS-05 Interaction with IS-04 suites
BCP-006-01-01 BCP-006-01 NMOS With JPEG XS X      
BCP-006-01-02 BCP-006-01 Controller     X See Testing Controllers

When testing any of the above APIs it is important that they contain representative data. The test results will generate ‘Could Not Test’ results if no testable entities can be located. In addition, if devices support many modes of operation (including multiple video/audio formats) it is strongly recommended to re-test them in multiple modes.


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