Networked Media Open Specifications

Deploying with Docker

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There is a Dockerfile provided to build an image containing the testing tool. A pre-built version of this container can be downloaded from Docker Hub as follows.

docker pull amwa/nmos-testing

This image provides a quick way for deploying the testing tool in your network from a Linux host. (Host networking is used to ensure the mock APIs created for many of the test suites are easily accessible to other hosts on your network. Docker does not support host networking on Windows or Mac.)

docker run -d --network="host" amwa/nmos-testing

The Testing Tool web service will be available on http://<DOCKER_HOST_IP>:5000. The Testing Façade for semi-automatic Controller Tests will be available on http://<DOCKER_HOST_IP>:5001.

If you need to specify custom settings, you can add the following volume mount. Note: requires an absolute path, the example below is for working from current directory.

docker run -d --network="host" -v="$(pwd)/" amwa/nmos-testing

If you need to deploy multiple instances of the testing tool for multiple users to have concurrent access, this is a possible method to meet those requirements.

←Installation - Local · Index↑ · Usage→