Networked Media Open Specifications

Networked Media Open Specifications: Introduction

About NMOS

NMOS is a family name for specifications produced by the Advanced Media Workflow Association related to networked media for professional applications.

For a non-technical introduction to NMOS see AMWA’s overview page.

The table below lists the current specifications and provides links to their repositories on and documentation on The “Release” links will take you to the documentation and download page (↓) for the latest release of recent versions of the specification.

The NMOS API Testing Tool supports the majority of these specifications.

Id Name Spec Status Release(s) Repository
IS-04 Discovery & Registration AMWA Specification (Stable) nmos-discovery-registration
IS-05 Device Connection Management AMWA Specification (Stable) nmos-device-connection-management
IS-06 Network Control AMWA Specification nmos-network-control
IS-07 Event & Tally AMWA Specification nmos-event-tally
IS-08 Audio Channel Mapping AMWA Specification (Stable) nmos-audio-channel-mapping
IS-09 System Parameters AMWA Specification nmos-system
IS-10 Authorization AMWA Specification nmos-authorization
IS-11 Sink Metadata Processing Work In Progress nmos-sink-metadata-processing
MS-04 ID & Timing Model AMWA Specification nmos-id-timing-model
MS-05-01 NMOS Control Architecture Framework Work In Progress nmos-control-architecture-framework
BCP-002-01 Natural Grouping AMWA Specification nmos-natural-grouping
BCP-003-01 Secure Communications in NMOS Systems AMWA Specification nmos-secure-communication
BCP-003-02 Authorization in NMOS Systems AMWA Specification nmos-authorization-practice
BCP-003-03 Certificate Provisioning in NMOS Systemsn AMWA Specification nmos-certificate-provisioning
BCP-004-01 Receiver Capabilities AMWA Specification nmos-receiver-capabilities
BCP-005-01 EDID to Receiver Capabilities Mapping Work In Progress nmos-edid-to-receiver-caps-mapping
BCP-006-01 NMOS With JPEG XS Work In Progress nmos-jpeg-xs
INFO-002 Security Implementation Guide AMWA Specification nmos-security-implementation-guide
INFO-003 Sink Metadata Processing Architecture Work In Progress nmos-sink-metadata-processing-architecture
INFO-004 Implementation Guide for DNS-SD AMWA Specification nmos-dns-sd-implementation-guide
n/a Parameter Registers Continuing nmos-parameter-registers


The formal specification is provided in this GitHub repository. These pages render the documentation and APIs (which are specified in RAML and JSON Schema).

Repository Default Branch Lint (default) Render (all)
nmos main Lint Status Render Status