Networked Media Open Specifications

NMOS Solutions

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This page lists open source, free and commercial implementations of NMOS specifications.

This list is unlikely to be complete, and AMWA does not make any guarantees of conformance.

To have an implementation added, please submit a GitHub issue to the NMOS repo, including the information required in the table. The implementation must be available, and a link to a repo, download page or product page must be provided.

Open Source & Freeware

Name Language License Description
Easy-NMOS N/A Apache 2.0 Free of charge, open-source, toolkit, created to simplify and speed up the adoption of NMOS APIs, developed by NVIDIA based on open-source NMOS software from Sony, BBC R&D and other AMWA members, with a video Getting Started guide.
AMWA NMOS Testing Tool Python Apache 2.0 Testing of all current NMOS specifications
BBC R&D NMOS Joint RI Python Apache 2.0 IS-04 and IS-05 registry and APIs (used as reference in AMWA workshops).
BBC R&D NMOS Web Router Javascript Apache 2.0 IS-04 and IS-05 web-based client application
BBC R&D Authorisation Server Python Apache 2.0 OAuth2 Authorisation Server based on AMWA NMOS BCP-003-02 / IS-10
NVIDIA NMOS Docker N/A Apache 2.0 Docker container with Registry and Controller, IS-04/05/08/07/09, BCP-003-01
Riedel NMOS Explorer N/A Freeware IS-04 and IS-05 client application for Windows and Linux
Sony nmos-cpp C++ Apache 2.0 Cross-platform toolkit for IS-04, IS-05, IS-07, IS-08, IS-09, BCP-002-01, BCP-003-01 and BCP-004-01, and example Registry and Node applications
Sony nmos-js Javascript Apache 2.0 IS-04 and IS-05 web-based client application with support for BCP-002-01, BCP-003-01 and BCP-004-01
Streampunk Media Ledger Javascript (NodeJS) Apache 2.0 IS-04 v1.0 APIs

Note that inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by AMWA or a guarantee of conformance to the specifications.

Commercial Hardware & Software

This section lists commercial implementations of the NMOS specifications. It includes information about which NMOS specifications, versions and features are supported, and provide links to the manufacturers’ product pages. (Note to manufacturers: the linked product page must include information about NMOS support!)

Note that inclusion in this list is not an endorsement by AMWA or a guarantee of conformance to the specifications.

Many of these products have participated in the JT-NM Tested programme, with results available here. Note that the JT-NM Tested badge does not constitute a ‘pass’, but is simply an indication that testing results are available to download.

Controllers & Registries

Company Product Supported Specifications Comments
IS-05 v1.1
IS-07 v1.0
Broadcast SDN Controller
EVS Cerebrum IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Broadcast Control, Orchestration and Monitoring Solution
Imagine Communications Magellan SDNO IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Broadcast Routing Systems Controller for IP (NMOS and non-NMOS) and Legacy Systems
Includes optional IS-04 Registry
Mellanox SN2000 Series
SN3000 Series
IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
IS-07 v1.0
Spectrum and Spectrum-2 Ethernet Switches
Including on-switch IS-04 registry
Nevion VideoIPath IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Broadcast Controller & IS-04 Registry
Ross Ultricore BCS IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
Broadcast controller & IS-04 Registry
Sony PWS-110NM1 IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
BCP-002-01 v1.0
IP Live System Manager workstation
Pebble Pebble Control IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
IS-07 v1.0
IP Connection Management Solution

Media Nodes

Company Product Supported Specifications Comments
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
IP Converters and Interfaces
AWS Elemental AWS Elemental Live IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
Product Features
Specification Sheets
Bridge Technologies VB440 IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
High Performance IP Probe
Calrec Impulse
Hydra2 IP Gateway
Type-R Core
Type-R Analogue IO
Type-R Digital IO
Type-R Combo IO
Fixed Format IO
Modular IO
IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
Audio Mixing Console
IP Gateway
Audio Mixing Console

Various Gateways (Analogue, AES3, ST2110, AES67, MADI, SDI, Dante, Waves)

Dalet Brio IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
IS-08 v1.0
Ingest and Playout Server
EEG HD492 Alta IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Caption Encoder for Live Broadcasting
Embrionix see Riedel Communications GmbH    
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
IP/SDI Production Servers
Grass Valley XIP-3901
Kaleido IP
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
SDI/IP Processing Platform
IP Video Multiviewer
Harmonic Spectrum X IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Ingest and Playout Server
Imagine Communications Selenio Network Processor
EPIC Multiviewer
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Network-based audio/video processor and gateway device
IP-enabled Multiviewer
Leader LV5600
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
IP and SDI Hybrid Waveform / Rasterizer Monitor
Macnica VIPA IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
General purpose Video IP Accelerator.
IP Gateway, Multi-channel capture processing and playout of ST2110 streams.
Matrox X.mio5 Q25
DSX LE5 Q25/D25
X.mio3 IP

Matrox VERO
IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
ST.2110 & ST.2022-6 Network Cards

ST 2110 Signal Generator & Diagnostic Appliance
Net Insight N600 Series IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
IS-08 v1.0
Media transport and edge processing solution
Nevion Virtuoso MI IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Software defined media virtualization platform
Nextera Video NMOS Software Core IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
IS-07 v1.0
IS-08 v1.0
IS-09 v1.0
Turnkey software core for FPGA embedded or standalone processor
Pebble Integrated Channel IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
Software-defined integrated channel solution
Phabrix Qx
IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
IP/SDI generation, analysis and monitoring
Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG MediorNet FusioN
MediorNet MuoN
MediorNet MicroN IP App

Artist Matrix Intercom

Control Panel App for 1200 series Smartpanels
IS-04 v1.2/1.3
IS-05 v1.0/1.1
IS-08 v1.0
IS-07 v1.0 (Control Panel App)
Gateway and Processing Devices

IP Intercom

Universal Control Panel
Ross Ultrix-IP
IS-04 v1.3 IS-05 v1.1 (Ultrix-IP)
IS-04 v1.2 IS-05 v1.0
Ultrix 12G Router IP Gateway
IP/SDI Gateway
AES67 / MADI gateway
Sony HDCU-3000 Series
HDCU-5000 Series
XVS Series
IS-04 v1.3
IS-05 v1.1
BCP-002-01 v1.0
IP Ready Camera Control Units
IP Ready Camera Extension Adaptor
IP Ready Switcher Processor
IP Ready Production Server
Telestream PRISM IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Hybrid IP/SDI Monitoring Instrument.
Vizrt VizEngine 3.14 IS-04 v1.2
IS-05 v1.0
Real Time Rendering Engine

Incubator Participants

Alongside those working on implementations of the finished specifications, many organisations actively participate in the specification development process including workshop events. The latest list of participating companies can be found at

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