Networked Media Open Specifications

Networked Media Open Specifications: Introduction

NMOS Best Common Practices (BCP)

These specify best practice for use of NMOS APIs:

Id Name Spec Status Release(s)
BCP-002-01 Natural Grouping AMWA Specification
BCP-002-02 Asset Distinguishing Information AMWA Specification
BCP-003-01 Secure Communications in NMOS Systems AMWA Specification
BCP-003-02 Authorization in NMOS Systems AMWA Specification
BCP-003-03 Certificate Provisioning in NMOS Systems AMWA Specification
BCP-004-01 Receiver Capabilities AMWA Specification
BCP-005-01 EDID to Receiver Capabilities Mapping AMWA Specification
BCP-006-01 NMOS With JPEG XS AMWA Specification
BCP-006-02 NMOS With H.264 Work In Progress
BCP-006-03 NMOS With H.265 Work In Progress
BCP-007-01 NMOS With NDI Work In Progress
BCP-008-01 NMOS Receiver Status Work In Progress