Networked Media Open Specifications


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The Stream Compatibility Management Specification was designed to be used alongside the following NMOS specifications:

IS-05 dictates that IS-04 APIs SHOULD be operating at version 1.2 or greater in order to ensure full interoperability and the Stream Compatibility Management Specification inherits this requirement.

Any references to terms and JSON Schemas defined in BCP-004-01 relate to version 1.0.

Receivers, managed with IS-11 and associated with Outputs which support EDID, SHOULD use BCP-005-01 to express Receiver Capabilities that came from the EDID(s) and BCP-004-01 to express their own Receiver Capabilities. The inherent Receiver Capabilities prevail over the EDID associated Capabilities. An EDID can further restrict inherent Receiver Capabilities but cannot expand them.


The Stream Compatibility Management API SHOULD be advertised as a ‘control’ endpoint under an IS-04 NMOS Device in the controls array using the urn:x-nmos:control:stream-compat type.


    "senders": [
    "receivers": [
    "controls": [
            "type": "urn:x-nmos:control:sr-ctrl/v1.1",
            "href": ""
            "type": "urn:x-nmos:control:stream-compat/v1.0",
            "href": ""
    "tags": {},
    "type": "urn:x-nmos:device:generic",
    "label": "Example Device",
    "version": "1529676926:000000000",
    "node_id": "3309f357-9676-439a-bb64-8106f934bd08",
    "id": "ab79e404-1bca-4557-8afc-0ddf28b1e1e7",
    "description": "Example Device"

Sender and Receiver IDs

The UUIDs used to advertise Senders and Receivers in the Stream Compatibility Management API MUST match those used in a corresponding IS-04 implementation.

Version Increments

In order to prevent unnecessary polling of the Stream Compatibility Management API, changes are signaled via the IS-04 versioning mechanism.

When properties of any Input/Output are changed, then the version attribute of the relevant IS-04 Device MUST be incremented. Inputs/Outputs identify the corresponding Devices via the device_id property.

When Active Constraints of Sender are modified, then the version attribute of the relevant IS-04 Sender MUST be incremented.

When State of Sender or Receiver is changed, or when the set of Inputs/Outputs associated with the Sender/Receiver is changed, then the version attribute of the relevant IS-04 Sender or Receiver MUST be incremented.

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