Networked Media Open Specifications

Member specifications

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Property Name JSON Datatype Description
members array of member objects One array entry for each control object in the block

Each members entry is an object with the following properties:

Property Name JSON Datatype Description
Required properties for all control objects    
role string Role of object in containing block. Unique in containing block
classId number array Class identity
constantOid boolean TRUE if and only if object ID is nonvolatile
Optional property to be specified when the blockspec defines signal paths and when the member is a port-flexible object - see Ports section    
ports array of ncPort objects List of this object’s NcPorts
Optional additional properties to set values of other control object properties, where needed    
(any) (varies) Value of control object property

Nested blocks

A block is an NCA control object therefore, a blockspec defines a nested block by making it an item in the members array.

Block specific properties

Blocks have all the properties mentioned in the previous section but also add the following additional properties:

specID string Global ID of the blockspec that defines this nested block
specVersion number Version number of the blockspec
specLibraryID string ID of library (optional)

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