Networked Media Open Specifications


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NcBlock is a container class for other classes or blocks.

The top most block in a device model is called a root block and MUST always have an oId of 1 and a role of root.

All device implementations MUST have a root block in their device model.

The control class model for NcBlock is listed in the Framework.

A object’s role path is a sequence of role values starting with the root block’s role, continuing with any containing blocks and ending with the object’s role.

An object in a hierarchy of nested blocks MUST be uniquely identified by its role path which MUST be persisted across device reboots.

Device model discovery

Blocks enable device model discovery by offering the descriptors of their contained members in the members property which holds a collection of type NcBlockMemberDescriptor.

Search methods

Blocks are searchable by calling any of the following methods:

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