Networked Media Open Specifications


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NCA defines the following framework identifiers (a “framework” identifier is an identifier that is used by the basic NCA framework, irrespective of application).


Class ID

Uniquely identifies a class. Stored in property NcObject.classId

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcClassId NCA control model Permanent

Further information provided in Appendix A.

Object ID

Compact read-only handle that uniquely identifies an object within its device. Stored in property NcObject.oid.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcOid Device Constant until reboot

Element ID

Static identifier of a property, method, or event of a control class.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcElementId Class Permanent


Static, read-only text property that names an object within the block to which it belongs. Unique within the block. Stored in property NcObject.role.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcString Block Permanent

Role path

Uniquely identifies the location of an object within a device model. Sequence of strings, consisting of the role values of all the object’s containing blocks, starting from the root block and ending with the object’s own role value.
Role paths are enabled by the existence of blocks in the device model.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcRolePath Device Permanent

User label

Read/write string that users can set to identify an object’s operational purpose in a particular application context. Analogous to the texts written on mixing console scribble strips, labels, and bits of paper tape affixed to equipment in use. Stored in property NcObject.userLabel.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcString n/a Permanent

Product UUID

UUID that uniquely identifies the particular product that constitutes the Device. Stored in field uuid of datatype NcProduct. In turn, product descriptor for a Device is stored in property NcDeviceManager.product.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcUuid Manufacturer portfolio Permanent

NCA-NMOS identity mapping

NCA’s Touchpoint feature allows applications to attach a list of touchpoints to any control object. A touchpoint is a defined relation between an entity in NCA and an entity in a different namespace. Stored in property NcObject.touchpoints.

Datatype Scope Lifespan
NcTouchpoint Referred namespace Permanent

NCA discoverability in IS-04

Compliant NCA protocols are advertised through existing IS-04 practices inside the controls array of an NMOS Device.

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