Networked Media Open Specifications

Practical Guidance for Media

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In order to aid implementers, this section provides a number of examples indicating how identity and timing data should be carried through a number of common media scenarios. It also provides guidelines for the generation of identifiers when these need to be created and associated with new content, or with a new version of existing content.

This section aims to provide a practical set of building blocks for conveying identity and timing with media. It is one way in which the identity and timing model defined in this specification can be applied to one kind of content (media).

The following key areas are covered:

Basic Media Operations

Fundamental media processing operations and how these very granular actions affect the identity and timing of content.

Composite Media Operations

How the fundamental media processing operations can be combined in order to represent common pieces of production equipment and systems.

Includes details on how chains of identity can be optimised in order to reduce complexity in implementation.

Media Production Chains

Examples of how identity and timing can be persisted through production chains, including the requirements for the handling of this information at system boundaries.

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