Networked Media Open Specifications

APIs: Client Side Implementation Notes

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DNS-SD Bridging

For clients which need to discover the services of a Query API, but operate in software such as web browsers where DNS-SD is unsupported, it is suggested that a bridging service is employed to present the DNS-SD data via an HTTP service (or similar).

Failure Modes

The NMOS Registration and Query APIs are designed to be highly available and support failover without any visible consequence for a user operating a system which depends upon them. Handling of common error codes and scenarios is covered in Behaviour.

Empty Request Bodies

A number of API resources specify HTTP requests with no request body (headers only). These commonly include HTTP GET, HEAD, OPTIONS and DELETE operations, but could include other HTTP methods in some circumstances. When performing API requests which have no specified request body schema, clients SHOULD NOT send any body payload and SHOULD NOT set the HTTP Content-Type header. Clients MAY set the Content-Length header to a value of 0 to indicate this empty body, but this is not mandated.

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