Networked Media Open Specifications

NMOS Capabilities

This Capabilities parameter register contains values that may be used to identify a capability, used in the caps property of the resources defined in the AMWA IS-04 NMOS Discovery and Registration Specification.


Query API clients MUST be tolerant to the presence of capabilities not yet defined here which may be added in later API versions.

Manufacturers MAY use their own namespaces to indicate capabilities which are not currently defined within the NMOS namespace (urn:x-nmos:cap:). In order to avoid collisions with simple names allocated by AMWA specifications, they MUST NOT use capability names that do not start with urn:.

Note: AMWA IS-04 specifies general requirements for the construction and use of URNs in NMOS specifications.

Capabilities are most used by IS-04 Receivers to indicate what they may consume, but may be used by other caps objects in the future, potentially to indicate what they may be re-configured to generate.


Media Types

Event Types

Constraint Sets


Constraint Set

Note: A JSON schema for a Constraint Set, supporting validation of all the Constraint Set Metadata and Parameter Constraints defined in this register, is available as constraint_set.json. It MAY be used in place of the file with the same name in the AMWA BCP-004-01 specification.

Constraint Set Metadata




Parameter Constraints

Media Type

Grain Rate

Frame Width

Frame Height

Interlace Mode


Transfer Characteristic

Color Sampling

Component Depth

Format Bit Rate




Channel Count

Sample Rate

Sample Depth

Event Type

Transport Bit Rate

Packet Time

Max Packet Time

Packet Transmission Mode

ST 2110-21 Sender Type