Networked Media Open Specifications

NMOS Sender Attributes

This Sender Attributes parameter register contains extensible attributes and their permitted values which may be used in Sender resources within the AMWA IS-04 NMOS Discovery and Registration Specification.


As noted in IS-04 v1.3, new Sender attributes may be defined here as opposed to requiring a new version of the specification.

Query APIs and their clients which support v1.3 of IS-04 or operate in a mixed-version environment MUST be tolerant to the presence of Sender attributes and values which may be added at a later date. This is further detailed in the IS-04 Upgrade Path document.


Note: JSON schemas supporting validation of all the attributes defined in this register are available as sender_register.json. These MAY be used in addition to the schema, sender.json, found in the AMWA IS-04 specification.

Bit Rate

Packet Transmission Mode

ST 2110-21 Sender Type