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Interoperability: IS-04

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The Annotation API shares a data model with the IS-04 specification, and as a result it is designed to be used alongside it. The following sub-sections identify correct behaviour for doing this.

When this API is used alongside IS-04 in a deployment, the IS-04 APIs SHOULD be operating at version 1.1 or greater in order to ensure full interoperability.


The Annotation API SHOULD be advertised as a ‘service’ endpoint under an IS-04 NMOS Node in the services array. Control interfaces can identify all Nodes which implement the Annotation API by a type Uniform Resource Name (URN) having the base urn:x-nmos:service:annotation followed by a / character and the API version. The associated href is the URL of the Annotation API base resource.

Example: The services attribute of an NMOS Node

"services": [
    "type": "urn:x-nmos:service:annotation/v1.0",
    "href": ""

As shown above the API version is included in the type, and in the href. Further service endpoints for the Annotation API MAY be advertised for Nodes which support multiple versions simultaneously, or have multiple network interfaces.

Consistent Resources

When used in conjunction with IS-04, the UUIDs of Node Resources in the Annotation API MUST match those in the corresponding IS-04 Node API. The Core Resource Properties of the resources under the Annotation API /node/ path MUST also match the corresponding IS-04 properties.

The Annotation API MUST include the Node (/self), Device, Sender and Receiver resources corresponding to all resources of those types in the Node API. The Annotation API MAY include corresponding Source and Flow resources.

When the Node does not support annotation of Sources or Flows, the response to a GET request on the /node/sources or /node/flows endpoints is an empty array [].

Version Increments

In order to prevent unnecessary polling of the APIs, changes to any resource properties via the Annotation API also update the corresponding IS-04 resource and are therefore signalled via the IS-04 versioning mechanism. When a successful PATCH request is made, the version attribute is incremented. The version reported in the Annotation API is also updated whenever the corresponding IS-04 resource is updated.

Note: In registered operation, IS-04 registration updates enable Controllers to receive notifications of the changes via Query API WebSocket subscriptions.

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