Networked Media Open Specifications

Feature sets

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Feature sets are classes which express models required for a specific functionality. Devices implementing functionality described as a feature set MUST make use of these classes and models.


The ncReceiverMonitor agent is an agent described as a feature set. Is is required for expressing connection and payload statues for an attached stream receiver. The attached stream receiver is described using the touchpoints mechanism detailed in the NcObject section.

The ncReceiverMonitor class contains the following properties:

Property Name Datatype Readonly Description
connectionStatus ncConnectionStatus Yes Connection status (see type below)
connectionStatusMessage ncString Yes Connection status further text information
payloadStatus ncPayloadStatus Yes Payload status (see type below)
payloadStatusMessage ncString Yes Payload status further text information

Where the required types are defines as:

enum ncConnectionStatus { // Connection status
    "Undefined", // 0 This is the value when there is no receiver
    "Connected", // 1 Connected to a stream
    "Disconnected", // 2 Not connected to a stream
    "ConnectionError" // 3 Connected but broken

interface ncPayloadStatus { // Received payload status
    "Undefined", // 0 This is the value when there's no connection.
    "PayloadOK", // 1 Payload type is one we know about and the PDU is well-formed
    "PayloadFormatUnsupported", // 2 Payload is not one we know about
    "PayloadError", // 3 Some kind of error has occurred

Receiver monitors MUST maintain their 1 to 1 relationship between their role and the touchpoint receiver entity they monitor.

A derived receiver monitor for SMPT ST 2022-7 type receivers also exists as ncReceiverMonitorProtected.

This adds a further ncBoolean status signalProtectionStatus to indicate if the signal protection is enabled.

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